Hog Fest Information

What it is: Hog Fest is this forums anual tailgate which started in 1999.

When it is: October 29th 2017, 4:25 PM, vs the Cowboys

Where it is: Hog Fest is usually held in the Green Lot.

This year, it will be near parking section E-43. Just exit from Arena Drive, go just past the trees and then make a sharp right. Hog Fest is usually held along the back tree line. SEE MAP

What Time?: Hog Fest usually starts around 10:00 AM for 1:00 PM games, or, 1:00 PM for 4:00 PM games.

How it works: Normally, we rely on the attendees to bring their own, well, everything. Due to prices, inflation, difficulty in coodination, the staff feel this is the best way to handle the event. It has worked fine the last few years. There are grocery stores within a mile or two from the stadium and you could even pick up provisions the morning of. We only ask that everyone attending try to contribute something to the cause. Also, most folks attending will share so long as you provide a little help in the money department. There will be grills to grill food on and plenty of coolers for drinks.


Welcome to Hogmonster Chat
Carnack: The Secondary has fatal flaws, RU. But they may not be costing us games Nov 3, 2019 15:55:25 GMT -5
RUsknFan: This really isn't fair to Haskins. Other than the fact that he probably came out a year early, it sounds like he is trying hard. Nov 3, 2019 15:55:32 GMT -5
RUsknFan: Yeah Nov 3, 2019 15:55:40 GMT -5
RUsknFan: He looks a lot like Patrick Ramsey out there. A lot. Nov 3, 2019 15:56:05 GMT -5
Carnack: If you fail your Law Exam is it because it was unfair? Nov 3, 2019 15:56:16 GMT -5
RUsknFan: An undeveloped Patrick Ramsey Nov 3, 2019 15:56:21 GMT -5
Carnack: chiefs tied it up Nov 3, 2019 15:56:29 GMT -5
Carnack: Pat Ramsey was meat on teh hook. He was left out to hang. Nov 3, 2019 15:56:50 GMT -5
RUsknFan: I mean no Nack. It's on me. But if Harvard law let me in after my sophomore year of college, maybe they should have forced me to take some intro classes before being thrown to the wolves. Nov 3, 2019 15:57:24 GMT -5
Carnack: He had some promise but had ZERO commitment to be developed. he was shell shocked as a result Nov 3, 2019 15:57:25 GMT -5
RUsknFan: Btw I'm not going to Harvard, not even close lol. But that's essentially what has happened to Dwayne. Nov 3, 2019 15:58:06 GMT -5
Carnack: My point is that is just not how it works. There is nothing fair or not. Haskins came out early with the notion he was ready and Dan and Bruce believe him. Sorry wrong answer. That's it. Nov 3, 2019 15:58:42 GMT -5
RUsknFan: Fair point. He put himself here. Nov 3, 2019 15:59:01 GMT -5
Scotskin: Still remember his first start, watched it in Joe Robbie Stadium Nov 3, 2019 15:59:03 GMT -5
RUsknFan: Were you a Ramsey fan Scot? Nov 3, 2019 16:00:04 GMT -5
Carnack: In the NFL you are rewarded with idiot moments of calrity by signing idiots to deliver you from your idiocy. Welcome to Dan "the Scout" Snyders privte hell. Nov 3, 2019 16:00:05 GMT -5
Carnack: clarity Nov 3, 2019 16:00:12 GMT -5
Carnack: I always like the javalin throwers...very greek Nov 3, 2019 16:00:38 GMT -5
RUsknFan: Alright gentlemen until next week. Nov 3, 2019 16:01:58 GMT -5
Scotskin: Laters Nov 3, 2019 16:20:21 GMT -5