Kevin O'Connell Promoted to OC; Tomsula to Return

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Carnack: we have 8 more picsk Apr 25, 2019 22:58:57 GMT -5
piratedan: still, a difference maker on the DE/OLb and aa future QB Apr 25, 2019 22:59:43 GMT -5
kaiser: can't believe how badly AZ botched Rosen! Apr 25, 2019 23:00:08 GMT -5
gilesfan: I would be patient, but def like OL. Ford, Taylor, Risner, McCoy, Samia, Jenkins....think there are a couple others. Apr 25, 2019 23:00:20 GMT -5
Carnack: Rapp and Murphy Apr 25, 2019 23:00:40 GMT -5
PCinOz: Kaiser I think that depends on who's there and if they get into the backend of round 2 Apr 25, 2019 23:00:53 GMT -5
Carnack: great draft Apr 25, 2019 23:00:56 GMT -5
Carnack: a lot less expensive moving up late round than early round Apr 25, 2019 23:01:20 GMT -5
gilesfan: There are so many solid OL available hat I would not have taken one in back half of round 1. Just a ton of guys out there. Apr 25, 2019 23:01:26 GMT -5
PCinOz: Let the draft come to us, it works Apr 25, 2019 23:01:28 GMT -5
Carnack: we can do some damage if we find partners Apr 25, 2019 23:01:32 GMT -5
piratedan: pick a team like NO which could use the extra picks as a possible target Apr 25, 2019 23:03:16 GMT -5
gilesfan: There will be a starting LG available in the 3rd. Apr 25, 2019 23:03:36 GMT -5
piratedan: now we get to listen to the pundits pick apart who picked whom Apr 25, 2019 23:05:03 GMT -5
SkinsFan67: I was not in favor of a 1st round QB, but I'm impressed with Kyle that he got Danny's guy and still came away with a blue chip Edge rusher. Apr 25, 2019 23:08:26 GMT -5
SkinsFan67: And we ended up with who I think is the best QB in the class. Maybe being the 3rd QB off the board will fuel him to prove the Cards and Giants wrong. Apr 25, 2019 23:09:45 GMT -5
PCinOz: Some good safeties still there as well Apr 25, 2019 23:12:58 GMT -5
Pete8: /wonder how they're going to trade our draft tonight Apr 25, 2019 23:13:08 GMT -5
Pete8: I'm hoping for Juan Thornhill and Conner McGovern in the 3rd Apr 25, 2019 23:14:07 GMT -5
Pete8: i meant how they're going to grade our draft tonight Apr 25, 2019 23:14:48 GMT -5