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rskin72: Gotta agree there. Nov 17, 2019 14:37:29 GMT -5
mnskins: He was probably watch Cousins tape Nov 17, 2019 14:37:46 GMT -5
rskin72: With not going downfield Nov 17, 2019 14:37:53 GMT -5
SkinsFan67: Probably Trubisky. Both very inexperienced coming into the league. Nov 17, 2019 14:37:55 GMT -5
Carnack: I was commenting that we cant have that discussion now. But Its worth discussing when we have more time to loo into who may be comparable to Dwayen, learning on the job. Nov 17, 2019 14:38:06 GMT -5
bgoluncfan: South I think most of our D is just going thru motions as well. No matter how well they play we will not put up points. Nov 17, 2019 14:38:40 GMT -5
Carnack: Thismyear in the NFL is easily the WORST season I can remember, from the standpoint of quality of play. Its been a real mess. Nov 17, 2019 14:39:07 GMT -5
SkinsFan67: I'm comparing by the amount of experience both had coming into the league...not comparing their styles Nov 17, 2019 14:39:20 GMT -5
Carnack: Well the Defense is embarrassing themselves regardless of what the offense is doing..blown assignments all over the place. Nov 17, 2019 14:39:50 GMT -5
RUsknFan: Yeah Nov 17, 2019 14:40:08 GMT -5
rskin72: Agree Nack Nov 17, 2019 14:40:22 GMT -5
Carnack: I am too Dave, but you need to look into the background of each QB and its hard to dig donw here Nov 17, 2019 14:40:26 GMT -5
Carnack: A lot of young QB's are being pressed into starting this year before their time and some are good and some are bad and some are just awful. If you watched that Pitt / Browns game you sw some of the worst QB play I have seen this year..Darnold has a fe of t Nov 17, 2019 14:41:35 GMT -5
Carnack: too Nov 17, 2019 14:41:39 GMT -5
Carnack: brb Nov 17, 2019 14:41:47 GMT -5
Scotskin: Thinking about watching The Crown and avoid the second half Nov 17, 2019 14:42:06 GMT -5
Carnack: Is that a reality TV show in the UK by chance? Nov 17, 2019 14:47:34 GMT -5
Carnack: lol Nov 17, 2019 14:47:37 GMT -5
Carnack: had enough reality for one day? Nov 17, 2019 14:47:45 GMT -5
RUsknFan: I think we are the worst team in the NFL with the current lineup. I have a hard time imagining outscoring another team over 60 minutes. Nov 17, 2019 14:48:05 GMT -5