Conservatism - I Sort of Wish We Had Some

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rskin72: Wonder who else was injured today. Schreff…. Oct 14, 2018 15:08:09 GMT -5
Carnack: Dunbar lost his mind Oct 14, 2018 15:08:20 GMT -5
Carnack: still very much a WIP Oct 14, 2018 15:08:44 GMT -5
rskin72: Yep....we are. But we need to beat Dullass and NY. The Fecals will be a tough nugget. Oct 14, 2018 15:08:54 GMT -5
Carnack: we match up wel and play the eaglestough every year. Its teh Cowboys we have a hard time getting by Oct 14, 2018 15:09:19 GMT -5
rskin72: AS still has some growing pains with his receivers. Just not totally in synch. And God only knows it seems like every team musters a rush against us Oct 14, 2018 15:10:04 GMT -5
rskin72: Yea, I will agree with you about the fecals and turds....the Gits also seem to have our number Oct 14, 2018 15:10:34 GMT -5
rskin72: Or KC's number to be specific Oct 14, 2018 15:10:44 GMT -5
Carnack: we will at the least split with the boys and the giants this year, though I think we will sweep the giants..the Eagles are the best team in the division and we will have to bring our A game to beat them. Oct 14, 2018 15:11:50 GMT -5
rskin72: And hopefully have some folks back from injury. Need to be at full strength....or close to it Oct 14, 2018 15:12:33 GMT -5
Carnack: we just need to get this secondary some experience without losing....its obvious they are very raw Oct 14, 2018 15:13:34 GMT -5
rskin72: we should sweep the Gits. Manning has looked bad. But he does have OBJ...and their rookie RB looks very good Oct 14, 2018 15:13:35 GMT -5
Carnack: agreed Oct 14, 2018 15:13:53 GMT -5
Carnack: they turn the ball over far too much Oct 14, 2018 15:14:07 GMT -5
rskin72: Well that was to be expected...after we let Bree walk and trade off fuller. Oct 14, 2018 15:14:27 GMT -5
Carnack: man Chicago is eveoling this year Oct 14, 2018 15:14:36 GMT -5
Carnack: good things for that team to come Oct 14, 2018 15:14:42 GMT -5
rskin72: Could we have used would have been a monster with us. Oct 14, 2018 15:15:04 GMT -5
rskin72: ok....I am going to sleep. See ya on the board Nack. Oct 14, 2018 15:15:34 GMT -5
Carnack: taike care 72 Oct 14, 2018 15:16:58 GMT -5