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Welcome to Hogmonster Chat
rskin72: could come down to Foles and the Fecals O to win the game Feb 4, 2018 22:03:34 GMT -5
rskin72: uh oh Feb 4, 2018 22:03:56 GMT -5
rskin72: Eagles have won this one. So now what do you do with the probable MVP in foles? Feb 4, 2018 22:05:32 GMT -5
cooley47: Likely they have a competition for the starter in training g. Feb 4, 2018 22:07:38 GMT -5
cooley47: camp Feb 4, 2018 22:07:44 GMT -5
BuryMeInBurgundyAndGold: he'll move on, Wentz is the starter next season regardless of what happens here with Foles. Feb 4, 2018 22:08:03 GMT -5
cooley47: Don’t see how you can say to Foles; sorry Wentz is the starter Feb 4, 2018 22:08:27 GMT -5
cooley47: But thanks for the SB Feb 4, 2018 22:08:49 GMT -5
cooley47: I think Wentz chokes in the playoffs if he played all year. Feb 4, 2018 22:10:31 GMT -5
rskin72: IDK....but barring some Brady miracle...the Fecals have just won their first Lombardi Feb 4, 2018 22:11:54 GMT -5
rskin72: the pats trick plays have just not worked whereas every special play by the Eagles has worked as designed... Feb 4, 2018 22:12:56 GMT -5
cooley47: Calling it now; Skins at Eagles for the opening game next season Feb 4, 2018 22:12:59 GMT -5
BuryMeInBurgundyAndGold: I think the Eagles would want the Cowturds in their home opener.. I'll call Cowcrap's at Eagles. Feb 4, 2018 22:16:54 GMT -5
cooley47: The most insufferable fans just got worse Feb 4, 2018 22:19:17 GMT -5
BuryMeInBurgundyAndGold: I'll rank them #2.. cowturds first Feb 4, 2018 22:29:44 GMT -5
Monkster: what is this ball kissing tradition? Feb 4, 2018 22:32:16 GMT -5
dcpunishment: The Bears released 4 time pro-bowl guard Josh Sitton. I think we should get this dude! Feb 20, 2018 20:35:08 GMT -5
PCinOz: JP Finlay

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1h1 hour ago
More JP Finlay Retweeted Hogs Haven
Redskins met w Wadley in Indy as well
Mar 2, 2018 20:39:13 GMT -5
vatoothdoc: Interesting and I saw that. He is projected as a 3 or 4 rounder. I know the Coaches are looking to improve the RB position especially with Smith at QB. I like Wadley. Mar 8, 2018 22:01:05 GMT -5
Suspect69: I'm not sure if it has been mentioned in the thread but new HC Steve Wilks is asking Tyrann Mathieu to take a pay cut which he obviously is likely not going to go over well. Mar 10, 2018 11:37:20 GMT -5