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Mike Mayock's: “I think the result is that we only have 10 or 12 franchise quarterbacks,” he said. “We don’t take the time to develop them. So this kid got some time and then he got a head coach that believed in him, Jay Gruden, and what he does well matches up with what Jay Gruden wants to do. So I think it was the confluence of a smart, tough kid, along with a coach that believed in him and an offense that fits him and he’s taken advantage of it.”


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PCinOz: Chad Kelly is Mr Irrelevant to Broncos Apr 29, 2017 17:39:13 GMT -5
piratedan: good RB to the browns here in Dayes Apr 29, 2017 17:39:26 GMT -5
piratedan: probbly a well hedged betthere by Denver Apr 29, 2017 17:39:49 GMT -5
PCinOz: Ok guys good show Apr 29, 2017 17:40:56 GMT -5
piratedan: nice visiting with everyone Apr 29, 2017 17:41:22 GMT -5
piratedan: ty for the conversation and insight Apr 29, 2017 17:41:32 GMT -5
Pete8: See ya guys in the preseason....if I'm able to watch the games in Florida Apr 29, 2017 17:42:32 GMT -5
rockskins: HTTR! and good weekend all! Apr 29, 2017 17:43:31 GMT -5
mauisaber: Go SKINS! Apr 29, 2017 17:43:35 GMT -5
joewash: Chad Kelly Mr . irrelevant! Apr 29, 2017 17:44:53 GMT -5
vatoothdoc: Chad Kelly was a UDFA I was looking for us to get....Damn Broncos. I hate Elway Apr 29, 2017 17:46:10 GMT -5
raypetty: Wow, Gruden said he was happy with our QBs. Said we might bring in a UDFA. Apr 29, 2017 17:46:22 GMT -5
vatoothdoc: I know for a fact Gruden is very high on McCoy Apr 29, 2017 17:47:02 GMT -5
vatoothdoc: This draft is one that I think shows we won't look QB until next year IF KC is gone then. Kelly once he heals is a better QB entering the league than KC was Apr 29, 2017 17:48:57 GMT -5
raypetty: Heard the same vatoothdoc Apr 29, 2017 17:48:57 GMT -5
raypetty: Hope we hear about KC signing a LTD soon. Apr 29, 2017 17:49:34 GMT -5
Pete8: I lied....i'm back....already two udfa other teams Apr 29, 2017 17:52:16 GMT -5
Pete8: Mike Jones‏Verified account @mikejoneswapo 29s30 seconds ago[br]More[br] Skins officials working on signing undrafted free agents and extending minicamp invites to others.[br] Apr 29, 2017 17:55:39 GMT -5
Oakinthemiddle: Where has the mobile app gone? I can't seem to find it in the App Store. May 5, 2017 9:13:34 GMT -5
ponyfan: Samuels May 10, 2017 20:29:33 GMT -5