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Stephan, an internet visionary and former professional animal trainer, tragically lost his life on April 22, 2008 while shooting a television ad with a grizzly bear. His spirit lives on in the hearts of all who new him and especially within the confines of CPND.

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Welcome to Hogmonster Chat
Kilmer17: Any word of Sherff? Sept 20, 2020 17:40:53 GMT -5
Carnack: not yet K Sept 20, 2020 17:41:05 GMT -5
Kilmer17: That’s not good Sept 20, 2020 17:41:27 GMT -5
trpmap: Patrick Peterson finally looking old. Sept 20, 2020 17:41:53 GMT -5
raypetty: all have a good day. just popped in to see if there were any injury concerns and to say hello. god bless all. :) Sept 20, 2020 17:42:06 GMT -5
Carnack: I just saw the replay on Schreff. I will be shocked if he did not tea something. Sept 20, 2020 17:43:13 GMT -5
Kilmer17: Az is a talented team. They’re going to be a tough team for good teams to beat. Sept 20, 2020 17:47:36 GMT -5
rskin72: there is sweat Sept 20, 2020 17:47:38 GMT -5
Kilmer17: Arizona is already in the locker room Sept 20, 2020 17:52:49 GMT -5
Carnack: Garbage time Sept 20, 2020 17:57:21 GMT -5
Kilmer17: Use it like preseason. Sept 20, 2020 17:59:57 GMT -5
Carnack: nothing else to gain from it Sept 20, 2020 18:00:21 GMT -5
trpmap: Nice run by Gibson! Sept 20, 2020 18:00:31 GMT -5
Carnack: gibsons first td Sept 20, 2020 18:00:39 GMT -5
Kilmer17: Inman has bricks for hands. Sept 20, 2020 18:01:06 GMT -5
Carnack: onsides kick here Sept 20, 2020 18:02:43 GMT -5
bobred: hooray for Gibson, he and Terry earned the TDs Sept 20, 2020 18:04:04 GMT -5
bobred: do all our safeties take bad angles Sept 20, 2020 18:11:34 GMT -5
bobred: ... gee, i am chatting to myself Sept 20, 2020 18:13:37 GMT -5
RUsknFan: Sorry bob! I can't believe we didn't use our timeouts Sept 20, 2020 18:57:00 GMT -5