CPND Redskins Addiction Community Rules

We don't have many rules here, however the rules should be followed at ALL times. During the off-season, the enforcement MIGHT relax a little at the discretion of the administrators.

Please note, repeated violations of ANY of these rules can result in a user being banned from the community.

1) Game Days Threads

On game day, an admin will create a game day thread.  Please keep ALL game related posts in that single thread so as not to flood the community with a bunch of "Did you see that play?" types of posts.  It makes the front page cleaner and neater.

Also, on game day, if needed, an Admin will start a venting thread. This thread is for the very harsh vents so that those don't clutter the board and drag down the discussion threads.

2) Language

"We are endeavoring to keep the harsh language usage and gender smack in this community to a minimum. If such language appears occasionally, and it is not directed directly at someone, it will probably be let go. If it becomes habitual, a warning and/or banning can take place.

3) Signatures and Avatars

While we appreciate everyone wanting to have a signature and avatar on their posts, we need to limit the size of the pictures in both bytes and pixels.  This is to make sure the community formatting doesn't get messed up in a thread and to keep page load times down. Here are the guidelines regarding images:

  • 30KB or smaller in size
  • No larger than 100 X 100 pixels


  • All images combined must be 30KB or smaller in size.
  • All images combined should be no larger than 610 pixels wide.
  • All images combined should be no larger than 300 pixels tall.

Violators of this rule will be asked to change their signature pictures once, and then further action can and will be taken as needed if a change doesn't happen.  We hope that by not violating the rule, our lives as admins will be easier..

We are interested in building a community that is welcoming to all Redskins fans, and mods reserve the right to insist that any avatars or signatures that they determine to be in conflict with this goal be removed.

4) Unrelated Material/Inappropriate Material

Since the Redskins Addiction Forum is all about serious Redskins football discussion, we try to keep most off-topic discussion regulated to the Sports Talk, Monksters Cafe, Air it Out, or Around the NFL, depending on the content.

NFC East threads will be allowed on Addiction.

What constitutes inappropriate or unrelated matter is solely the discretion of the administrators, although, pornographic material will NOT be tolerated.

5) Courtesy

The rule to live by is to attack the opinion, not the poster.

We want our posters to try to abstain from getting into personal attack wars.  Obviously, when a rival fan comes over, this is harder to do.  The occasional barb towards them will probably get over looked; however, flame wars will not be tolerated and those types of threads will be moved to Air It Out and all parties will be warned and/or banned.

This also includes stalker like posts!

Posting stuff like "I know where you live." is considered a THREAT to most and we are fostering a SAFE posting environment. This won't be tolerated.

Please do not post in all caps.

Because posting in ALL CAPS is hard on the eyes and is contrary in Internet Etiquette, please do not use them in thread titles, and realize that if you choose to use them within your message, it is considered shouting.

6) Handling Disputes

Disputes should be and will be pursued and conducted via private channels and not in public forums.  This goes with disputes with ANYONE, including Administrators or Moderators.

7) Spam, Advertising, Soliciting or Junk E-mail.

Use of our forums or chat rooms for the purpose of sending junk email, chain letters, duplicative or unsolicited messages or spamming of any kind is prohibited.

Although we do allow the occasional “heads up” about something new, useful or interesting relating to our sport, as well as the sale of personal Redskins items, including game/parking tickets, from fans to fans.  If you are trying to sell a personal item that is not Redskins related, please put it in the appropriate forum, which is not CPND Redskins Addiction, but one of the other forums.

No commercial  advertising of any kind, including non-profit organizations, is allowed without express written permission from the administrator of this community. 

This site is not responsible for transactions that start on this site.

8) Posting Articles

While we welcome posted quotes from and links to external articles, we do not allow whole articles from external sources to be posted on our forums. Please post the article source (WP for Washington Post as an example) and the article title as the title of the thread, quote a few short snippets from the article, provide a link to the article, and name the source.

9) Posting of Copyrighted Materials

While we would love to be able to allow the posting of copyrighted materials we simply must prohibit this.  True story: A small company of about 24 employees decided to tape and re-show a Super Bowl at a party because most of the company members couldn't watch it live.  The company got sued and the company lost.

10) Participation (The Troll Rule)

Participating on CPND is a privilege, not a right.  We welcome all fans to our community that are willing to post within these rules and not cause problems for the community as a whole.  The CPND Administrators reserve the authority to guide discussion and debate on all boards in the best interests of the community, to include the banning of posters who are judged disruptive for any reason. If mod requests a dispute be taken off-line to private message, failure to comply with that request will result in time outs or bans. Complaints about administrative decisions also fall into this category and should always be expressed via private message, not the board. Users that are banned will be banned for behavior that is detrimental to the community, NOT because their opinion is in the minority.

Note: Following the above rules will not only enhance your CPND community experience but will enhance the experience of those around you as well. CPND Redskins Addiction was built back in 95 on the knowledge of Hardcore Redskins fans, some of whom still contribute today. We hope you enjoy our community, and we look forward to you becoming a vibrant contributing member of it.


Welcome to Hogmonster Chat
PCinOz: Christian Holmes CB Oklahaoma St Apr 30, 2022 17:07:21 GMT -5
PCinOz: zone corner Apr 30, 2022 17:08:26 GMT -5
PCinOz: tall and strong Apr 30, 2022 17:08:34 GMT -5
PCinOz: could convert to safety Apr 30, 2022 17:08:44 GMT -5
Carnack: I saw some film on this kid....has some moxy Apr 30, 2022 17:08:59 GMT -5
Carnack: quick feety Apr 30, 2022 17:09:09 GMT -5
PCinOz: Can play everywhere at the back Apr 30, 2022 17:09:36 GMT -5
Carnack: grabby, but physical Apr 30, 2022 17:10:05 GMT -5
Carnack: can tackle so thats a plus Apr 30, 2022 17:10:11 GMT -5
Carnack: JImmy Moreland with a better body Apr 30, 2022 17:10:19 GMT -5
PCinOz: below avergae fluidity Apr 30, 2022 17:10:24 GMT -5
PCinOz: sticky feet in press Apr 30, 2022 17:10:39 GMT -5
Pete8: Well its been a decent draft B- ...now onward to signing a bunch of UDFAs Apr 30, 2022 17:11:09 GMT -5
Carnack: Well Ron ran this Draft solely for need across the Board. He wanted numbers and got them, but left some quality on the Board. Apr 30, 2022 17:11:21 GMT -5
PCinOz: Yup I;m out guys - haveb a good one - enjoy youir cooking lol Apr 30, 2022 17:11:34 GMT -5
Carnack: We had so many holes this year that I guess this was the best tact. Apr 30, 2022 17:11:47 GMT -5
Carnack: yome too...cya PC..Pete Apr 30, 2022 17:11:57 GMT -5
Pete8: On twitter someone stated we only have 65 players on the roster? Not including the 8 drafted players Apr 30, 2022 17:12:42 GMT -5
Pete8: later all Apr 30, 2022 17:13:04 GMT -5
PCinOz: twitter.com/TheDraftNetwork/status/1522400278816960513 May 5, 2022 21:36:39 GMT -5