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Stephan, an internet visionary and former professional animal trainer, tragically lost his life on April 22, 2008 while shooting a television ad with a grizzly bear. His spirit lives on in the hearts of all who new him and especially within the confines of CPND.

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Welcome to Hogmonster Chat
PCinOz: Never really in it but nice game Jan 9, 2021 23:32:57 GMT -5
Kirknc: take care you guys. Jan 9, 2021 23:33:01 GMT -5
joewash: Enjoyed the chat every week, you guys are great Jan 9, 2021 23:33:01 GMT -5
Carnack: ON to another off-season! Jan 9, 2021 23:33:15 GMT -5
Carnack: cheers guys! Jan 9, 2021 23:33:19 GMT -5
PCinOz: Seeyall Jan 9, 2021 23:33:20 GMT -5
cooley47: Great effort by Heineke Jan 9, 2021 23:33:24 GMT -5
rskin72: Well our D couldn't stop their offense. Jan 9, 2021 23:33:32 GMT -5
Carnack: Big surprise Jan 9, 2021 23:33:49 GMT -5
rskin72: LAter all, nice season for us. Jan 9, 2021 23:33:53 GMT -5
Carnack: Not good enough on the DL Jan 9, 2021 23:33:57 GMT -5
raypetty: D Secondary let us down tonight. TH played his heart out. Some dropped balls by the RBs and WRs. He put the O on his shoulders and did all he could do. He earned a spot a backup QB on this team, IMO Jan 9, 2021 23:33:57 GMT -5
griff57: Fun Season..We held our own..BB played great! Jan 9, 2021 23:34:04 GMT -5
Terry: Just ran into a superior team playing well Jan 9, 2021 23:34:05 GMT -5
Carnack: yep. We needed a perfect game to win this one and were not up to the task. Jan 9, 2021 23:34:41 GMT -5
rskin72: Pretty much.... Jan 9, 2021 23:35:22 GMT -5
Terry: Fun season though, did better than I thought we would, found some guys who can ball, and some coaches that know what to do with them. Jan 9, 2021 23:36:57 GMT -5
mnskins: We lost a National Televised game with dignity for once at least Jan 9, 2021 23:37:42 GMT -5
griff57: Some good things to build on for next year! Jan 9, 2021 23:40:35 GMT -5
dancingbear: i enjoyed this year more than KC's NFCE year but not as much as RG3's. can;t compare it to the "belive in Stephen" year. too many cobwebs Jan 9, 2021 23:40:44 GMT -5